Please take a moment to consider what “wellness” means to you. Does it mean health? Resiliency? Inner peace? A more productive work environment?

Now please consider how you might get there from where you are now…

Early in my massage therapy career, I observed that some clients were not helped by bodywork alone. They would lie on my table not fully experiencing the benefits of massage because their minds were preoccupied. So for 15 years I have dedicated my training to bridging the BodyMind and Spirit connection in order that those with whom I work may feel fully present and well.

Wellness happens on many levels: not only physical, mental, and emotional, but also interpersonal and spiritual. If a person is not well on just one level, stress and/or disease may occur. By working with me, you will see change on each of these levels, which will foster a strong BodyMind-Spirit connection and will enable you to embody wellness.

Whether you need a personal or professional approach, together we will create a you-centered plan to obtain these outcomes.

As a wellness consultant, I help assess and discern where your body is blocked by pain or what may be lacking. I then provide tools to promote your wellness.

My methods are perfect for just about anyone who is interested in living a full life:
•    for individuals seeking personal development, with special attention to new parents and pregnant women;
•    businesses seeking to assist their employees with tools to improve relations, reduce burn-out and sick time, and increase productivity and resiliency; and
•    business professionals seeking an increase in their performance levels.

I invite you to contact me to talk about your needs and concerns and where I might be able to help you become a better you.

Thank you!
Julia Gandy

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Hey Julia,

Just wanted to email you and tell you I used your Freeze Frame® Technique yesterday when I encountered a stressful situation and it worked beautifully – I was able to see the situation in a new perspective and came up with an awesome plan to solve the issue!! 🙂

Thank you so much!! Colleen Valentino

Principal, Bancroft School

I was going to call out today because my back is hurting so much, but then I remembered you were coming in to give us a chair massage.  So I came in. Kept Confidential On Request

Employee, Healthcare Facility